How Does It Work?

Now, Car Buying and Selling is Fun, Fast, and Easy!

A Virtual Marketplace Built For You

Select Your Cars

Search inventory and select cars from thousands in inventory. Now take your pool of vehicles to reverse auction.

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Real-Time Live Auction

Schedule your auction so we can notify dealers to participate! Watch as dealers drive down the price live to win your business.

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Get Offers!

Dealer offers are presented with the lowest bidders first. Now choose the vehicle you want and it’s shipped to you!

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Choose Your Vehicles

Discover New or Preowned Vehicles

Explore BidWizer available inventory for any new or preowned vehicle and select cars you likely would buy. Simply choose the year, make, model, style and trim then search BidWizer inventory to see the cars we offer. Then it’s only a few steps and a few minutes to a live auction.

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Purchase Details

Personal Information, FICO, Payment Details, etc.

Once inventory is selected for auction you enter the BidWizer roadmap. It’s only a short journey through the 6 steps and only a few minutes to complete. We now capture your Personal Details, Available Vehicle Incentives, Select Finance and Insurance Products, Trade-In a Vehicle, Pre-Qualify then Start Your Auction.

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When Dealers Bid You Win!

Dealers Compete For Your Business

Now watch, the cars you like are entered into the auction. The reverse auction begins where Dealers bid against each other to compete to win your business. As dealers bid the price goes down until the last bid is in and you win!

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Sign Here

E-Signature, No Finance Officer!

Now get your offers and close the deal on the car that you like the best. Your selected offer is accessed on your buyer dashboard with a notification for e-signature. Then review carefully, sign where noted and submit online to complete the transaction. Receive a special delivery to your select location and enjoy the ride!

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Delivered To Your Door

Schedule your new vehicle delivery

With your signed and approved purchase order and deposit, your Dealer will give your car one last inspection and schedule it for delivery. Once it’s on the road to you will receive regular updates and notifications through email, SMS text and user account alerts on the dashboard.

100% Online Transaction, it’s a Breeze!

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